Cursos Online N/Profissionais

Maybe our existing annual courses or individual cursos presenciais aren’t suitable for you. Perhaps you don’t want to join a group or you don’t want to come to Sintra for classes. Perhaps you work por turnos and never know when you will be free to have a class. But you would really prefer to learn English by talking to a real person in a face to face situation.

To cater for situations like this, we have developed online courses via Skype.

You can book your online sessions according to your availability, it doesn’t need to be at a regular time. Together with the teacher, you decide on the direction your course takes, whether you want to follow a pre-arranged course, or just to practise conversation, talking about things that interest you and whatever is in the news at the moment.

All you need to get started is a good broadband connection, a webcam and a microphone and preferably mini-speakers for good quality sound, or a headset.

Contact us to find out how it works.

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